Madisonville, LA Landscaping Services

Ready to take your property’s appearance to the next level? Look no further than Bergeron’s Lawn & Landscaping. Contact us today to learn how we can take care of your lawn care & landscaping needs in the beautiful Madisonville, LA area.

Maintaining a healthy, tidy yard takes your property from okay to outstanding. At Bergeron’s Lawn & Landscaping, we provide high-quality yard care services, including mulching, lawn mowing, and fencing. 

Five-Star Lawn Care & Landscaping Company in Madisonville

Properties with beautiful lawns make a much better impression than scraggly, unkempt yards. With our professional equipment, tools, and training, our Bergeron’s team can ensure you have the best-looking lawn in the neighborhood. We offer flexible prices on our landscaping and lawn maintenance services, making it easy to customize your landscaping experience.

Best Landscaping Services in Madisonville, LA

Many homeowners enjoy using various trees, shrubbery, flowers, and other decorative elements to turn their yards into a personal oasis. Our experienced landscapers care for everything on your lawn, from flower beds to fountains and ponds. Other landscaping needs we meet include:

  • Lawn fertilization
  • Trimming and hedging
  • Flower bed maintenance and installation
  • Soil maintenance
  • Seasonal lawn and landscaping services

Do you need to turn your yard into a well-manicured landscape? We can also help design and install mulch beds, rocks, shrubs, and more.

Top Lawn Care Services in Madisonville, LA

Keeping your lawn in its best condition takes time, energy, and expertise. Busy homeowners choose us at Bergeson’s Lawn & Landscaping to keep their yards healthy and well-cared for. Our lawn care services include:

  • Mowing your lawn to the proper length and in regular intervals
  • Weeding and seeding your lawn to prevent patches or streaks
  • Removing leaves from your yard to avoid potential pest infestations

You’ll enjoy having a cleaner, better-looking lawn without spending your time, energy, and money on maintenance tools and skills.

Professional Fence Installation and Services in Madisonville, LA

Besides offering lawn care & landscaping in Madisonville, LA our team also provides fencing services. Fences protect your property from trespassing people and creatures but can also contribute to your yard’s curb appeal. In addition, home or business owners wishing to sell their properties can enjoy better sellability and may receive higher offers. 

Whether you want a chain link fence or nine-foot-high privacy panels, Bergeron’s Lawn & Landscaping can help you choose and install your fencing. Our experts also help maintain existing fences to ensure their stability and visual appeal. We offer customizable options for many types of fencing, including:

  • Wood
  • Chain link
  • Picket
  • Aluminum

Best Custom Deck and Patio Builder in Madisonville, LA

At Bergeron’s Lawn & Landscaping, we believe that you should love your outdoors as much as your indoors. With a professionally built and maintained custom deck or patio, you’ll find a new passion for outdoor entertainment. If you currently have an outdoor space needing maintenance, our professional deck and patio builders can help revive it.

Customize your patio or deck with Madisonville area trends, or make your space your own with fully personalized additions. Install a fire pit, build the perfect pergola, or add a deck onto your home and enjoy the outdoors with a professionally built outdoor space by our experts at Bergeron’s Lawn & Landscaping.

Heavy Equipment Operation in Madisonville, LA

Many landscaping projects need more than a shovel and rake. Our trained team of builders can operate heavy equipment to give you the landscape you’ve dreamed of without causing damage to existing landscaping or structures. Some of our heavy equipment services include:

  • Digging a space for ponds
  • Installing drainage ditches
  • Bush hogging
  • Clearing away debris like shrubs, stumps, and building materials

Trust our team at Bergeron’s Lawn & Landscaping to deliver top-notch customer service and expert lawn care & landscaping in Madisonville, LA. Our team ensures that your yard looks its best while providing year-round care and maintenance. Call Bergeron’s Lawn & Landscaping today for a free quote at 985-232-8396.

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