Custom Patio Design & Installation in Covington, LA

Enhance Your Outdoor Living Spaces with Custom Patio Design and Installation

Getting the custom patio design of your dreams shouldn’t be a hassle. Unfortunately, many homeowners waste time and money investing in shoddy DIY custom patio installations.

If you want to improve your outdoor living spaces for gatherings, Bergerson’s Lawn & Landscaping can help. We will complete your custom patio design and installation with practicality in mind. Our designs ensure you get the space, comfort, and functionality you need without compromising the beauty of your yard.

We start by surveying your property to find the best location for your patio and other hardscape features, like firepits and pergolas. Don’t hesitate to offer any ideas along the way. Our company prioritizes strong communication during each phase of your custom patio design and installation.

Before attempting a DIY patio build, consider some of the great benefits of hiring our team. Our professional technicians have worked closely with hundreds of homeowners to design the custom patio creations they deserve.

Unlike conventional home renovators, we take the time necessary to get to know your needs and design goals. This way, we understand which patio installations are right for your lifestyle. Our team will even offer design recommendations to help streamline your shopping experience.

Once your new installation is complete, you can call us back for regular maintenance. We will inspect storm-vulnerable features, like your patio cover, and create a cost-efficient repair plan. Our maintenance crew will identify and eliminate mold, rot, and other damage, so your custom patio installation looks beautiful year-round.

Custom Firepit Design and Installation

A custom firepit makes an excellent centerpiece for your patio or yard. Invest in our outstanding firepit design and installations to create a welcoming space for friends and family. We source durable materials, so your new structure withstands years of conventional weathering.

Our crew constructs these low-upkeep installations, so you don’t have to lift a finger. Additionally, we ensure the firepit you choose fits your home’s space and aesthetic. We specialize in both modern and traditional installations.

At Bergeron’s Lawn & Landscaping, we create world-class firepits built to last. We ensure that you have all the information you need to protect your new installations against future damage.

Custom Pergolas

Custom pergolas offer protection from the sun on hot summer days. We design our sturdy pergolas to block the sun and rain while creating stunning backdrops for the surrounding property. Many homeowners choose to install their pergolas around waterscapes or at the end of walkways.

We will help you decide the best spot for your shelter. Our custom patio installation crew has years of experience constructing large outdoor features in compliance with local zoning laws. We will measure the height and placement of your pergola carefully so it does not create legal conflicts.

Our crew will work tirelessly to complete the task according to your preferences. Moreover, we can add decorative features like vines or ornaments that enhance the beauty of your installation.

Deck Installation and Repair

Do you feel like something is missing between your home and your yard? A deck might be what you need to get the most out of your space. Our team builds your deck with high-quality real wood or composite materials and teaches you how to maintain it.

Our stain coating solutions and reliable materials protect installations against hail, rain, and snow. Additionally, custom-built patios and decks come with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t happy with your decks, we will ensure that you get the right solution for what you pay.

Our Bergeron’s Lawn & Landscaping patio builders are proud to serve our clients with professionalism and dignity. Whether you need a covered patio inspection or are ready to invest in a complete installation, we can help.

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