Heavy Equipment Services in Covington, LA

Top-quality heavy equipment services in Covington, LA!

Are you planning a big landscaping project and need some heavy-duty equipment? At Bergeron’s Lawncare & Landscaping, we’re proud to offer the most comprehensive range of heavy equipment services in Covington, LA, and the surrounding areas. Whether you have a small-scale landscaping project to complete or need help with clearing land for a new building, our experienced team has the knowledge and equipment to get it done right.

The Best Heavy Equipment Services in Covington, LA

Let’s face it—many other companies in Louisiana offer heavy equipment services. With so many options to choose from, why choose us at Bergeron’s Lawncare & Landscaping? Here are just a few excellent reasons to hire us for your upcoming project:

  • Locally owned and family-operated business
  • Five-star rated company
  • Exceptional customer service
  • State-of-the-art machinery
  • Fully licensed, insured contractors
  • Low-maintenance landscaping
  • Military veteran job opportunities

Our landscaping experts bring professionalism with a personal touch to every worksite. Whatever your unique needs may be, our wide variety of services offers the perfect solution. 

French Drains 

A French drain is a type of underground drainage system that utilizes pipes, gravel, sand, and other materials to channel water away from your home or yard. Many homeowners and small businesses use them for landscaping because you can install them without digging deep holes or invasive trenches to remove standing water. French drains are a discreet, aesthetically pleasing way to reduce puddles and flooding.

Do you struggle with excessive standing water on your property after a rainstorm? If so, contact us at Bergeron’s Lawncare & Landscaping for French drain installation and repair services. We have the solution to helping your yard dry fast and stay beautiful.

Yard Leveling 

Yard leveling is exactly what it sounds like: raising or lowering the height of your yard. It’s not a complicated task, but it will require heavy equipment services from a reliable company like Bergeron’s Lawncare & Landscaping. With our top-notch yard-leveling services, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Improved drainage for rainwater and irrigation
  • Better views of your home and property
  • Increased accessibility for vehicles
  • Even ground for constructing a building

Yard Clearing 

Do you need to clear your yard of all that unsightly brush and debris? At Bergeron’s Lawncare & Landscaping, we’re here to help with the best land-clearing services in the Covington, LA, area. Our highly trained contractors offer solutions to help with the following:

  • Chopping down trees
  • Uprooting stumps
  • Removing debris
  • Bulldozing shrubs
  • Mulching

Pond Prep

If you’re looking for heavy equipment services to help with your pond, you’ve come to the right place! We at Bergeron’s Lawncare & Landscaping have the tools and expertise to renovate your pond or build a brand-new one. Our team will keep you informed throughout the process, ensuring that we follow all your specifications to a tee.

Pond prep is no small matter. It involves disposing of rocks, roots, and other debris from the area, as well as removing sediment and nearby trees. With us on the job, you can rest easy knowing everything will go safely and efficiently. 

Bush hogging

If you have a lot of vegetation on your property, bush hogging can be a challenging project. You’ll need the right equipment and personnel to make sure it gets done quickly and thoroughly. At Bergeron’s Lawncare & Landscaping, we have the heavy-duty tools necessary for all your bush-hogging needs.

Bush hogging a large plot of land can be time-consuming, labor intensive, and expensive. Our bush hogging services come at affordable prices, so you can enjoy outstanding final results without financial concerns.

The Top-Rated Lawncare and Landscaping Services Near You in Covington, LA

When Louisiana residents have a major upcoming lawn care or landscaping project, they turn to us. At Bergeron’s Lawncare & Landscaping, our dedicated team of professionals can help you get the yard of your dreams with top-rated heavy equipment services in Covington, LA, and the surrounding area. Call us at 985-232-8396 or go online to get an estimate today.

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