Tickfaw, LA, Lawn & Landscaping Services

If keeping up with lawn maintenance takes more time than you have to spare, you are not alone. Many homeowners hire professional help for lawn and landscaping services in Tickfaw, LA, to maintain their properties without devoting hours of time to lawn care every week.

The team with Bergeron’s Lawn & Landscaping knows the challenges of the local climate and has the expertise to provide you with low-maintenance landscape design to reduce or eliminate the need for regular maintenance service.

Low Maintenance Landscaping Services in Tickfaw

A beautiful landscape doesn’t have to mean you plant new flowers each season or spend the weekends trimming shrubs. Our low-maintenance landscaping provides custom landscaping that needs minimal care to look great all year. Some of our services include the following.

Custom Landscaping Design

We will meet with you to survey your property and map out the areas you want to improve. We will learn your design preferences and help you choose plants, mulch, and even decorative stones to boost your curb appeal with a perpetually beautiful landscape.

Applying Fresh Mulch

Fresh mulch is an easy way to add a finishing touch to your lawn. It smells great and helps plants retain moisture as temperatures rise. Applying mulch is no easy task, but our team can take away the hassle and apply mulch as part of our custom landscaping plan. 

Tree and Shrub Maintenance

Trees and shrubs are low-maintenance plants, but they benefit from occasional pruning and trimming. Not only does occasional maintenance remove dead branches and leaves, but it helps trees and shrubs to thrive and continue to grow. We can trim your trees to promote a shade canopy for you and your family to relax under all summer long.

Routine Lawn Care Services 

Even with low-maintenance landscaping, your lawn still needs regular maintenance. Whether you have an HOA or just prefer a well-manicured lawn, we provide weekly or monthly lawn and landscaping services in Tickfaw, LA, to maintain your property so you have time for other activities. When you schedule maintenance with our team, you can choose one or several of our services, such as: 

  • Leaf Clean-Up: Decaying leaves prevent your lawn from thriving. They also create the perfect habitat for an insect infestation to grow, which could end up destroying your plants. We will remove fallen leaves to prevent infestation and keep a consistent color throughout your lawn.
  • Grass Fertilization: It’s normal for some parts of a lawn to grow lush and green and others to have some trouble keeping up. We will identify problem spots on your lawn and fertilize the area to create a healthy lawn with no dry, brown patches. 
  • Weed Removal: When your grass thrives, so do weeds. You could injure your back bending over for hours, pulling weeds. Our team will eliminate all the weeds on your lawn so you can keep your back in good shape. 

Benefits of Professional Lawn and Landscaping Services in Tickfaw, LA

Many homeowners enjoy doing their own lawn maintenance but don’t have the time to devote to it every week. When you schedule service with us, you know you are working with a reliable team who cares just as much about your landscaping as you do. We can design a custom landscape plan or simply handle routine grass cutting and weed pulling.

A professionally designed landscape boosts curb appeal. It also increases property value. When it comes time to list your home to sell, you can get a better asking price when your home has a well-designed lawn.You want a trustworthy team to take your lawn from dry and patchy to lush and green. Bergeron’s Lawn & Landscaping in Tickfaw, LA, will provide a custom plan for your lawn and landscaping services in Tickfaw, LA. Contact us for a free lawn maintenance quote by filling out our online form or by calling (985) 232-8396.

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